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Windowx XP Prof SP-2 Installation

Topics: Setup / Configuration
Nov 4, 2007 at 11:11 PM

1. Win XP Prof SP-2
All the Nov Dotnet 3.0 Extensions are loaded, I am able to run other Dotnet Samples like,
FamilyShow, Heathcare_Prototype and WoodgroveFinanceApplication without any problems.

When running StartHere.bat, I get the below error.

Project "c:\DinnerNow\common\DC1\DC1.sln" is building "c:\DinnerNow\common\DC1
CControls\DCControls.csproj" (Rebuild target(s)):

DependencyViewControl.cs(79,23): error CS0117: 'Shell32.ShellClass' does not c
tain a definition for 'ShellExecute'
Done building project "DCControls.csproj" -- FAILED.
An Error Occured building the DinnerNow Dependency Checker
The Dependency checker requires the .net framework 2.0 to be installed.
NOTE: You should also run the dependency checker from an Elevated Command Prom

Help will be greatly apprceiated.

Thanks in advance.
Nov 6, 2007 at 11:05 AM
DinnerNow is targeted to Vista and Longhorn server only, not for XP or even Windows 2003.