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System.ArgumentException: Cannot find token EncryptedMethod.

Topics: Architecture, Management (PowerShell), Web site
Mar 26, 2008 at 10:58 AM
Cannot find token EncryptedMethod.
I am able to create a card. But while sending this card i am getting Cannot find token EncryptedMethod. error on

Line 500: throw new ArgumentException("Cannot find token EncryptedMethod.");

on DinnerNow - Web\Microsoft.DPE.Samples.CardSpace\TokenProcessor.cs

Also i dont have microsoft.mamangmentconsole dll in Managment application. I added that library from com components, but i eventuallly added MMC 6.0. Could any one help me in solving these two issues..

Also could anyone please help me in getting a document where i can do a complete walkthrough through the new technologies like CardSpcae, WCF, WorkFlow etct...